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Serving thousands of pizza places across the country for over a decade.

Just What is My Pizza Protector?

My Pizza Protector helps maintain a crispier crust by separating the pizza from the box. Providivng the optimum amount of airflow between the pizza and the box. With a specifically designed, FDA approved plastic screen, My Pizza Protector prevents the pizza from sticking to the box and soaking up the moisture. Comes in an easy to use dispenser unit for quick and efficient

“No more soggy pizza. It amazes me that over the last 10 years I have done business without this simple yet highly effective product” My customers really appreciate the extra level of quality I insist on.”

– Frankies Pizzeria and Pastaria, AZ

“The last ingredient is certainly one of the best. I wouldn’t serve my pizza any other way. After 30 years in the business a product that works at keeping my pizza’s crust crispy and dry”

– FAT RICKY’S, Romeoville

“I will admit I was skeptical of this product and its effectiveness. After using this product and talking to my customers, I am a BELIEVER! My pizza stays drier and more crispy. No doubt this works.”

– DONDI’S PIZZA, Arlington Heights

A Little About Our Company

For over a decade My Pizza Protector has supplied pizzeria’s all over the country with a specifically FDA approved designed plastic screen. Our screens are manufactured in a food safe, clean room environment. We only use a clear virgin food safe plastic. We never use recycled plastic.